Sunday, October 19, 2008

SproutCore and the Future of Web Apps

Bryan Liles took a great (but long) video of my recent presentation on SproutCore at B'More on Rails.  A lot of my introductory material is adapted from the SproutCore blog especially this post from Charles Jolley.

The slides themselves are on slideshare.

This is a great technology that I'm having a lot of fun learning.  Standby for more blog posts about it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ignite Baltimore and SocialDevCampEast

Two really cool events are going down in the next couple of weeks here in Baltimore that everyone should check out.

Ignite Baltimore is an event I'm helping to organize where 16 people each get five minutes on stage to talk about something they are passionate about.  We've got hackers, bloggers, painters, reverends, entrepreneurs, green builders, and so on all coming together to share what they know. The event debuts Thursday, October 16th at 6 pm at The Windup Space (12 W. North Ave).

The second SocialDevCampEast conference, taking place on November 1st, is a great gathering of the smartest tech innovators on the East coast.  As Dave Troy writes:
SocialDevCamp is a real user-powered unconference with no commercial agenda -- the entire purpose is to CONNECT the leaders who will shape the next wave of tech innovation on the east coast.  Come see how dynamic a truly user-powered conference can be!
I'm really interested in these events because they are a great way to connect with others interested in technology and digital culture, and learn new things while I'm doing it.  See you there!