Monday, May 14, 2012

Midmorning Social and Geeks on a Train

Update: fixed the date for Mid-Morning Social. Thanks Rob Wray!

I'll be speaking at the inaugural Mid-Morning Social on May 31st in Baltimore, about something very personal: how I find inspiration and the way I work. This will be a nontechnical talk and I'm very excited about it. My rough outline is:
I plan to talk in concrete, specific terms about the deeply personal vision that guides my work as a programmer, technology advocate, and entrepreneur. I'm pretty obsessed with process and making gradual improvements in process, combined with big experiments, to help me succeed in my professional and family roles. Time permitting I'll touch on some or all of these topics: GTD, blogging, Ruby, test-driven development, Beeminder, physical fitness, inbox zero, meditation, psychotherapy, how to make yourself more interested and interesting, questing, the book Godel, Escher, Bach, leadership, what I learned from being in the Navy, and more!
I'm also going to be riding all along the east coast on May 24th as part of Geeks on a Train, visiting New York and Boston. If you're anywhere along the Amtrak corridor you should totally jump on board! There are some interesting meetups planned.