Monday, December 10, 2007

Advanced Rails Recipes in Beta

I contributed an acts_as_ferret recipe to a forthcoming Rails book, Advanced Rails Recipes, which is now available as an online Beta. Check out my publishing quasi-debut!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

random_data v1.2.1 released

Thanks to Paul Barry and Hugh Sasse for some awesome patches to random_data! They're responsible for all of the new stuff added this release.

1 major enhancement
  • Added method_missing to Random class, which looks for a method_name.dat file and fetches a random line for you (see docs for details) (Hugh Sasse)
  • Added Random.date_between method to get a date between 2 given dates (Paul Barry)
  • Added Random.boolean method to get a random true or false (Paul Barry)
  • Added Random.number to get a random number less than a number or within a given range (Paul Barry)
1 minor enhancement
  • Enhanced method to handle a Range as well as a Fixnum, which allows you to get a date guaranteed to be in the past (Paul Barry)
1 minor fix
  • Location sources organized into more understandable categories, for easier future expansion (Hugh Sasse)
  • Fixed path of require statements in random_data.rb (Paul Barry)
  • Make initial never return nil, because if it returns nil then ContactInfo#email can thrown and error because it tries to call nil. (Paul Barry)