Tuesday, December 4, 2007

random_data v1.2.1 released

Thanks to Paul Barry and Hugh Sasse for some awesome patches to random_data! They're responsible for all of the new stuff added this release.

1 major enhancement
  • Added method_missing to Random class, which looks for a method_name.dat file and fetches a random line for you (see docs for details) (Hugh Sasse)
  • Added Random.date_between method to get a date between 2 given dates (Paul Barry)
  • Added Random.boolean method to get a random true or false (Paul Barry)
  • Added Random.number to get a random number less than a number or within a given range (Paul Barry)
1 minor enhancement
  • Enhanced Random.date method to handle a Range as well as a Fixnum, which allows you to get a date guaranteed to be in the past (Paul Barry)
1 minor fix
  • Location sources organized into more understandable categories, for easier future expansion (Hugh Sasse)
  • Fixed path of require statements in random_data.rb (Paul Barry)
  • Make initial never return nil, because if it returns nil then ContactInfo#email can thrown and error because it tries to call nil. (Paul Barry)


Craig Taverner said...

Would be great if you could update the ruby docs for this gem to reflect these enhancements. The docs still seem to reflect the first release, and I needed to use trial and error (and irb) to get the calls right.

Mike Subelsky said...

Hey Craig, thanks for pointing this out. When I did the last deployment, I forgot to push the rdoc changes up to rubyforge. I just released 1.3.0 which includes all rdoc updates. Sorry for the extra pain and confusion!


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