Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shout out to Rails Envy & More Autotest Love

Thanks to the Rails Envy Podcast for mentioning my note on autotest configuration. Another aspect I enjoy about using the verbose flag is that autotest tells you exactly what has triggered the re-test. Kind of a fun way to look under the hood of your testing system:
[["app/controllers/admin/users_controller.rb", Wed Jan 23 14:06:10 -0600 2008]]
/usr/local/bin/ruby -S script/spec -O spec/spec.opts spec/controllers/other_inboxes_controller_spec.rb spec/controllers/admin/users_controller_spec.rb
If you like that, you might also be interested in the autotest timestamp plugin, which stamps autotest runs like so:
# Waiting at 2008-01-23 14:06:17
All you have to do is uncomment this line in your ~/.autotest file:
require 'autotest/timestamp'

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