Monday, May 12, 2008

SocialDevCampEast recap

SocialDevCampEast on Saturday was a blast.  Lots of talk about building up the "Amtrak corridor" running from DC to Boston as one unified, tech-ified region.  The talks people gave were interesting (I even got to do one on my experiences with Amazon Web Services), but for me the most valuable experiences took place in between sessions and at the after-party held at Brewer's Art.  

I met several cool DC, MD, and VA entrepreneurs which was really invigorating.  I found out about some new blogs that I need to be reading, including, written by the creator of the newly-launched

I also saw first-hand the value of Twitter, which I'm very late to the party on.  I don't know that many people in my own circle who were using it, but after seeing how it was fostering the collaboration among people in the conference environment, I'm sold, especially if you have something client-side that checks tweets for you (my friend Brian Lyles aka Smarticus recommended Twitterific, which works great).  So you can now catch me @subelsky.

Thanks to the sponsors and organizers for a great event; I'll be at the next one for sure.