Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Wire tour of Baltimore

A few people on Twitter asked me for the itinerary of The Wire tour I did last week with a friend who's a fan of the show who had come in from out of town. Here's a quick and dirty version. Mild spoiler alert!
  1. Start at Penn Station.  This is where Marlo Stanfield intentionally gets himself arrested (I think in season 4), thus confirming the wiretap that Prop Joe warned him about.
  2. Drive south to City Hall.  Several scenes throughout the series take place outside of City Hall, including a brief sequence in the opening.  Across from City Hall, you'll see the veteran's memorial steps where Stringer Bell and Prop Joe convene so Joe can warn Stringer about police surveillance (after Cheese gets detained after the dogfight). 
  3. Drive south to the Inner Harbor. This is where Omar meets Stringer Bell at the end of season 1, trying to get Stringer Bell to talk about the Barksdale organization on tape.
  4. Head east to the Broadway Market, where McNulty's kids follow Stringer Bell.
  5. Head north on Broadway to see The Ritz, which in season one is Orlando's strip bar.
  6. Head east to Canton Waterfront Park, home of the Baltimore Police Marine unit, where McNulty "rides the boat" in season 2.
  7. Head east on Boston Street to see the Port of Baltimore, the focus of season 2.
  8. Head northwest to Patterson Park, where Prop Joe meets with members of The Greek's organizaton.
  9. Head east to Collington Square Park, and commence following the City Paper's Wire Tour, which covers several awesome sites from seasons 1-4, including Hamsterdam.  My favorite stop is #5, Marlo's outdoor meeting spot, but seeing the rim store where Marlo hangs out is pretty awesome also.
  10. After leaving stop #7 on the City Paper tour, also visit Greenmount Cemetery, site of numerous meetups and interesting scenes.
This tour is very light on west-side locations.  If anyone wants to expand this itinerary, I would look at these sites:


Anonymous said...

Isn't it the northeast market where McNulty's kids follow Stringer Bell?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was Northeast market, not Broadway.

John Trupiano said...

Cool stuff Mike. Passed this along to several of my Baltimore friends.

Mike Subelsky said...

I thought it was Broadway, but it's been a few years since I saw the episode.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for food information. Here's what I have so far. I'm only looking at stuff I might actually want to eat, not the carryouts etc.

The first place, Warner's is a shooting location in season four. Mayor Carcetti eats there with the former Mayor. It may also be where Daniels and his girlfriend are seen at the end of that season and are spotted by the crooked Senator. I definatly want to try this place that's only open for breakfast and lunch.

The fish cakes from Sterling's are mentioned by some of gangsters in season one. Polock Johny's is seen in season 4 when Colvin is admonished by the preacher for eating pork. They have a lot of locations though, and I'm not sure where this one is. In season one, McNulty promises two uniforms a couple of Faidley's crabcakes and a case of beer for a stake out, at Wallis's I think.

I couldn't find anything about on Vonda's restaurant on South Clinton street called Little Johnny's. Any help or tips on The Wire's food spots would be appreciated.


Shea Frederick (VinylFox) said...

In season 5 episode 5, Michael takes Dukie into the park to learn how to shoot a gun. The park is Wyman Park, and the location is at the bridge near the edge of the lax field. View on map

Anonymous said...

A sociologial look at how the city of The Wire came about http://ivanrdee.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/a-study-of-baltimore-antero-pietilas-not-in-my-neighborhood-and-hbos-the-wire/

Anonymous said...

The Wire season 1 production set was set up at the Redwood street dead end at University Hospital. Redwood and Pine st.

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Tom Trinchera said...
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Tom Trinchera said...

Anyone have the address of the building where Omar was ambushed by Partlow & Snoop in the 5th season? Been trying to find it online, no luck. Just want to know where the actual building is, I think the architecture's pretty cool.