Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ada Lovelace Day: Profile of Heather Sarkissian

In honor of Ada Lovelace day, I wrote a short profile of Baltimore tech leader Heather Sarkissian, CEO of and founder of BmoreSmart. The full article is here but I've included an excerpt below:
She's the CEO of an important mobile computing technology company here in town,, which Gus has written about before.  The company combines several different facets in a compelling way: it's a popular forum, a crowd-sourced design company, a consultancy with Fortune 500 customers, and a niche ecommerce store.  Their office in the Emerging Technology Center includes a small warehouse of electronic parts, making it one of those rare web businesses that has actual inventory and real-world relevance.  They do it all with a small staff led by Heather.

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