Monday, January 17, 2011

Solo Founder Startup Wisdom

Several friends have asked about what the company I am starting will do.  I don't know yet.  I am actively exploring a few interesting ideas, though if I've learned one thing from startup literature, it's that the initial idea counts for very little.  I'm having fun searching for a problem that intrigues me, that I could imagine being passionate about solving, and that has the potential to grow into a financially-sustainable opportunity.

It's all complicated by the fact that I'm a solo founder. I don't have a business partner with whom to vet these ideas. I'm lucky to have encountered a few inspiring blogs and people to be my lodestars:

I hope this list helps others considering this path!


Aaron Longnion said...

thanks for the list. As a new solo entrepreneur, I needed this!

Mike Subelsky said...

Aaron, my pleasure. Hoping to "pay it forward"!

Unknown said...

Well put advice here. Thanks!