Sunday, November 6, 2011

Looking to meet some early customers

I'm looking to meet some potential early adopters for two awesome software products I've been working on this year. If you know someone who fits into either category and could make an introduction (my email is I would be very grateful:
  1. People who spend money on online and offline marketing and would like to measure it more precisely than they do now (to figure out the best way to use their marketing budget).
  2. People who own or manage retail stores. I'm looking for stores that have electronic records and would like to get reports from that data that help make the business more profitable (e.g. who are the most reliable suppliers, what are the optimal levels of stock of various items, what is the seasonal demand for each item in my inventory). I'm particularly interested in small retail networks of around ten stores (big enough to have a lot of data, small enough to not have nice software that makes sense of it).


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