Friday, April 27, 2012

Looking for an assistant, apprentice, or intern programmer

I have the good fortune of having three awesome software business projects in the pipeline. My idea garden has never been more luscious!  Our goals for these three projects are ambitious and I'd love to get some help with them.

If you've got basic programming ability and are looking for a way to get started as a professional programmer, or you want to get some experience working on early-stage products, or you think I'm an interesting person, I'd love to work with someone who wants to learn the ropes. I would give you lots of mentoring and lots of responsibility for executing different parts of these ideas. We could work out equity compensation if that's interesting to you, but the main benefit would be experiential. By the time we're done you would know a lot about how to launch your own products.

All three of these involve working with successful, super interesting, super smart non-technical entrepreneurs. So that's an additional benefit.

I don't even know if such a person exists, but I think when I was getting started I would have loved to do something like this.


Jon Gamrath said...

Hey mike, I hope you will let me know what you think about working with me... even after two years of on and off learning I am a programming novice with some PHP and Java experience but no real work experience to speak of although I do know how to use the basic functions in the eclipse IDE. I also do have mobile programming projects in mind that I could see being very fun and involved. I also think you know my brother Carl. Looking forward to talking with you about what you'd like to work on!

rezuma said...

I just subscribed to your blog. I found it by chance when I searched on Google "cyber security jobs with the goverment".
Did you find this person? I have experience with several languages, PHP, Python, and some CMS, Concrete5, Plone, Sharepoint.

Although I mostly do system administration work. How many hours/week would you need someone for?
Check my linkedIn profile at
and see if any of my skills could help you, I have done it many things in IT in my 14 years of experience.
I am looking for mentors that can help me with the journey of starting a business.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a technical junkie. I need some work. Can you hook me up with something to write?