Monday, February 17, 2014

Web programming notes newsletter

I'm a voracious reader and student of programming. Being mostly self-trained, I consider myself very much a life-long journeyman programmer. So every week I send the dev team at Staq a few links I've come across in my researches along with a few links here and there that inform my leadership philosophy. I also throw in occasional commentary.

I decided to create a mailing list where anyone else who is interested in these links and thoughts could signup. The content will mostly involve web programming and startup life, with a focus on Ruby, JavaScript, and cloud-based services.

I promise you'll get one email per week, at most, usually on a Friday, and I'll never do anything with this list other than send you web programming notes. (My first startup was after all an email overload management company!) You can signup using this form:

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I will also occasionally post the links to this blog (easy to do since TinyLetter makes a nice archive page of past emails). Below is a collection of the links I've sent to the team over the past year.

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