Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Programmers Wanted

I've been thinking a lot about recruiting and hiring programmers for STAQ, and about how to use plain language in business to communicate more clearly and forcefully. I want us to sound smart, professional, easygoing yet intensely focused. While doing this thinking, a friend introduced me to the idea of employer branding, which is totally a buzzword but still a good concept to keep in mind: you have to use different language and even different URLs when reaching out to different kinds of people.

These thoughts informed my work on a recruiting microsite called Programmers Wanted. It's intentionally simple and plain and straightforward. I want to talk directly to programmers and communicate our values, without having to spell them out in some corporate way. The main thing I'm hoping to convey is: "there's interesting stuff to work on and people whom you will enjoy spending time with, no matter what background you come from". I think I can boil the language down even further but Programmers Wanted is my first attempt at claiming a tech employer brand for STAQ.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,

I'm interested in learning to code / program and would like to chat with you if you have a moment. Please email me at

I am here in Baltimore