Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Startup community in Baltimore

I just found about a very interesting Barcamp called SocialDevCamp East planned in Baltimore on Saturday, just a few miles south of my house. It's very heartening to see enthusiasm building for a tech community here on the east coast and this has gotten me thinking about the Baltimore startup community in general. Below are some notes on startup life in Baltimore.

  • Here are some Baltimore startups I know about:

    I'm sure there are more; send me some and I'll add them to the list.

  • I've talked to many other Baltimore entrepreneurs with ideas in various stages of development, and there are lots of hackers here working remotely (or commuting to DC and Northern Virginia) on startups. We're also the home of advertising.com which employs a lot of smart people and brings a lot of talent to the area.

  • I meet a lot of cool hackers through the local Ruby on Rails meetup.

  • One of my favorite blogs is written by a Baltimorean, Paul Barry. He's a Ruby on Rails expert, but has in no way drunk the Kool Aid. He's got plenty of love for Java and Scala and whatever else gets the job done.

  • I've been dreaming for awhile about organizing a "Baltimore Demo Night" where all of us could gather and show off our wares, get feedback, and so on. Who's down for that?


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out. I didn't know about SocialDevCampEast, I'll definitely have to show up for that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the mention. It's been great networking with other Baltimore startups. I think a demo night would be a lot of fun. I'll bring the pizza.

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